HTC Evo 4G LTE, HTC One For Verizon and Sprint Users Will Get Android 4.3 Update

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Will HTC Evo get Android 4.3 has been a hot debate around the web. Users bought one of the Best Android Phones of recent years and are itching for a update. HTC One owners on Sprint and Verizon Wireless have been clamoring for a updated Android version.

Jason Mackenzie Evo 4g Updatecomment

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HTC's US president Jason Mackenzie has been tweeting over the last several days that you will see the up sooner rather than later for some. Looks like The EVO 4G LTE will have to wait.

The HTC One has been confirmed before the end of October for Verizon.

October 2, 2013 Mr Mackenzie said "Good news! 4.3 will begin to push to HTC One users on Sprint today" and a few days later a Verizon user asked what about us?

Mr Mackenzie's reply was:

"no pain. It's coming. Expect it before month " that in response to a users question "will we see 4.3.

Sound pretty confirmed.


Jason Mackenzie HTC USA

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Jelly Bean is installed on most of the best new Android Phones Like the ONE X, the newest Motorola Droid Phones. Its likely this will be the last update for theses older models. Kit Kat 4.4 updates are probably not in your future if you have the HTC EVO 4G or HTC One.


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