HTC Incredible Price On eBay After Droid Phone Sells Out

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Over the years eBay has had some leverage in the Cell Phone business. As soon or even before a new phone is released. Users of the site can get some extremly good Droid Deals. The eBay site is a great plce to monitor sales for this reason.
When the Motorola Droid launched we saw the Smartphone selling for up to $ on eBay. It didn't last long, but the run was fascinating to watch. The price of Unlocked or no contract Droid A855 stabilized around $500.00 to $600.00.

The HTC Incredible had  73 Phones for sale sense the release and only 15 did not sell. The phones that didn't sell where a mix of sellers. Some even started at a penny which we all know is a bad sign and a couple phones had very high starting prices. The average selling price is about $525.00. That said after the HTC Droid Incredible Sold Out we have seen prices climb to $700.00. We haven't seen one sell for that price in two weeks so it will be interesting to see what happens.


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