ICooking With Food Asst Recipe Widget For Droid Phones

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Have you heard of IFood Assistant or are new to the application? You will be happy to know that this application is now available on the Google Android phone.

The application is brought to you by Kraft Inc and offers many of the recipes which can be found on the Kraft Foods website.

In truth this app is a widget and activated by long pressing the home screen.

If you are into gastronomy the IFood assistant brings a lot to the table, no pun intended. The application is formatted similarly to most of the other phone applications; it is pleasing on the eyes and easy to navigate for users. Like I said before the application offers a wide variety of recipes from the KraftFoods website. Once the user clicks on the application in the apps window the user is presented with five options to choose from:

Recipe of the Day - This is where everyday a recipe is showcased. This is good because there are so many recipes on the KraftFoods website, it can be easy to overlook a good one.

Browse Recipes - This option allows the user to search the recipes.

Dinner Tonight - This options allows the user to pick a recipe for preparation.

Simple Shortcuts - This option shares tips that the user can use when preparing the meal.

Snacks & Treats - This is pretty self-explanatory. This option allows the user to browse through snacks and dessert recipes.
The last option, Cooking Videos, is the most helpful one because the user can watch videos of the meals being prepared by professional chefs. This can help if the user wants to actually make the recipe while referring to the video for assistance.

Another feature that the user can choose is to look at the recipe ingredients. If the user does not have all of the recipe ingredients the user can find a store near them using only the application to buy the ingredients. In the application there is a store locater and information on what stores have what is needed and where it is located within the store.
The application also has nutritional information on all of the recipes such as calories, fat, sugar, serving size, etc. In addition the user can see how long it takes to make each recipe.

The application basically functions like an electronic recipe book in that it allows the user to search for recipes using the KraftFoods recipe database. The user can edit their list of recipes and add new ones. The application also allows ways for users to find the ingredients that they need to make the recipe. All recipes on the IFood application have appealing pictures of the finished product. There are also reviews of the recipes as well so the user can know how others liked the recipes.


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