IndyCar 13 Android App Video Demo – Live In Car Mosaic Camera Setup

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Verizon Wireless and car racing have been partners over the years, Verizon participates in NASCAR and Indy Car Teams.

INDYCAR 13 is engineered to keep you up to speed with INDYCAR Racing. Its live features like in-car cameras, streaming race control, and driver-pit crew chatter let you see and hear exactly what the drivers do. Add that to live leader boards, 4 in 1 Mosaic View, and real-time track mapping and INDYCAR 13 will have your heart racing as fast as the drivers. Thats powerful.

Best Features of IndyCar 13 on Verizon Wireless Network

Live in-car camera video streaming for select drivers during IndyCar races
Live race control center video streaming during IndyCar races
Live track mapping with real-time car position during IndyCar races
Mosaic screen for all live videos (4 in 1 view)
Live driver-pit crew transmissions audio streaming
Live IMSP radio broadcast audio streaming
Real-time leader board with vehicle telemetry and track positioning
Optional on-device IndyCar race start and end notification alerts

Features for other carriers include:

Favorite driver and team selection for quicker access to follow
Exclusive video on demand race highlights, crashes, driver interviews, INDYCAR 101, virtual laps, historical race footage, etc
Breaking news, expert analysis, and photos
Standings, race results, and schedule
Driver profiles and driver/team/INDYCAR twitter feeds
Optional on-device notification alerts when new content is added
Ability to share content with friends

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