Internet Executives Hot About Privacy Go To DC and Safeplug Going Mainstream

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Safeplug Box


As we all know the issue of privacy has become a hot topic. This week a group of hot shots descended on Washington DC. The topic, is how it will affect their business.

According the the Washington Post Zuckerberg of Facebook, Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, and the following chief executives: Reed Hastings of Netflix, Drew Houston of Dropbox, Alexander Karp of Palantir and Aaron Levie of Box where in attendance.

President Obama and several top advisers met with six technology executives at the White House on Friday afternoon amid fears that National Security Agency spying is undermining one of the nation’s most vital industries, especially in lucrative overseas markets.


What sparked our interest is the Safeplug went commercial the same day. Meaning not many people have hear of Brad Dietrich, Safeplug and Tor until Mr Dietrich went on Bloomberg TV. His  device (Safeplug) is based a open source network project called Tor. The Safeplug Box utilizes the Tor project to make you completely anonymous online. You can connect through Safeplug with all your devices in your home including iOS and Android. Safeplug is compatible with all major browsers like IE and Firefox.

How it works is Tor works by routing your Internet traffic through a series of random destinations, much like driving a twisty, complicated route to throw off someone who is following you, making it impossible for websites and organizations to identify the source or destination of Internet traffic.

People in the security industry have been using Tor for years. Politicians, corporations, reporters in war zones and yes even criminals use it. You don't need to be a spy to want privacy. Its your right to protect your privacy and you should.

Every website you visit collects information in one way or another. Most are statistics for making your experience better and don't collect any private data (Like Us). Others really dig into gathering data and data mining.

Until now people who wanted privacy needed to set up complicated VPN's and Proxy services. The Safeplug is a Plug and Play device. Hook it up and your IP address is hidden from prying eyes. So says the manufacturer.

Watch Bloomberg Interview with Brad Dietrich creator of Safeplug

If you don't have flash you can watch the video here

March 21 (Bloomberg) -- Pogoplug co-founder Brad Dietrich explains how Safeplug allows users to browse the Internet anonymously. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)


We purchased a Safeplug after seeing it on Bloomberg. As far as we can see the device is having serious issues, We where able to activate the device but got multiple errors.

As we worked through the installation we where unable to find any usable documentation from PogoPlug. So we uninstalled and try to reinstall numerous time. We where able at first try to follow the instructions after clicking finish in activation process. We also followed the instruction for using it with our browsers. Once we did we where unable to connect.

We trouble shot the device for 3 days with no satisfaction. At this point we have not been able to find a way to return it. We also found many other users disappointed in the device and the support.

The Pogo SafePlug is certainly NOT Plug and Play as advertised and can't recommend it. Seems simpler to use a VPN or a website like Hide My Ass at this point.


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