Is Android Blackberry In The Works

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Android-Blackberry-PhonePoor Blackberry. The stock has fallen off a cliff and the user base has been reduced to Government and Enterprise users. Android has taken the boots to Blackberry over the last 5 years.

Fairfax Financial Holdings is offering $9.00 a share to take the company private. Trading was stoped when the offer was made and now we are all left guessing what could happen.

Rumor has it that Blackberry could team up with Google to launch a redo of the hardware with open source.

With RIM desperate to sell, the largest stock holder would be perfect. What they do with it is another story. The entire company will need to be re branded and draw from all it's resources to make it.

It will take years if at all for Blackberry to get back on top. At this point it looks like splitting the hardware and software divisions up would be the only move. They can also sell off some of its patients.

A good move would be to team up with Google Android. Re group and launch as the super smartphone go to for business people? Who knows, were just guessing.

Will Blackberry Power Up with Android? Doubt it.



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