Is Teen Cell Phone Contract A Good Choice To Keep Kids Safe

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Teen Phone ContractBack in the day the only kids who had there own phone was the rich ones. In some families during the 1970s and 80's would have a kids phone and a phone for the parents. The Brady Bunch got a pay phone for the kids.
It's only over the last 4 to 6 years we've had young kids running around with smartphones. Though many younger children had flip phones in the early 2000's they didn't have access to websites like now. Facebook, Twitter and sharing sites didn't exist.
With unprecedented access to the Internet the question of security for our kids is real. The potential for abuse or mistakes on the child's part increases with a growing more younger smartphone user base.
The question of how to control a kids Smartphone use is growing. Should a child under a certain age even have a cell phone? Most parents would say yes. Why? When asked most say so the kid can call in case of an emergency. If that's the case why give them a smartphone? Is the kid going to email you or message you on twitter for a ride home from school? No.
With the the pay phone becoming a relic most kids really do need some kind of cell phone. Not for the extreme conditions we see on the news, but for simple communications with family. You cant give your kid a dime for a phone call these days.
Is the Teen Cell Phone Contract the answer? For some it may be. If your child is in need of a Smartphone then a contract could be more important because they will be doing more on the Internet.
Some contract language could be that the parents have the passwords, control of contact lists, limited usage or even a promise to only use the device a certain amount of time each day.
Beyond what a contract could do is what parents should do. Parents need to set up and security no matter if its a cell phone or a smart phone. Did you know that only %30 of American's have there phone secured properly.
Each family is unique with unique kids. There is no magic bullet but when it comes down to a families security it is up to parents to take control.


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