Laptop Magazine Gives Motorola Droid Editors Choice Award

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We knew the minute the Motorola Droid launched that it would be a hit. It's good to know others agree.

Laptop Magazine tested and reviewed the A8555 Moto Droid in the January 2010 issue. They liked it so much they give the mobile phone the Editors Choice Award. They also test the Blackberry Storm 2 and The HTC Amigo.

"A huge high-res touchscreen, speedy Web browsing, and free GPS navigation make this smart phone our top pick for Verizon Wireless."

We have cherry picked some of the great comments writer Todd Haselton review.

"From its scratch resistant glass display to its metal chassis, the black Droid looks and feels the part of a luxury handset. "

"The Droid’s 3.7-inch 854 x 480 display is the star of the show. It’s bright and bigger than the screens on both the Storm2 (3.3 inches) and the iPhone 3GS (3.5 inches). In comparison to the iPhone, the screen’s 0.2-inch increase in size doesn’t matter much, but its higher resolution made videos and images very sharp. Its large screen with haptic feedback also comes in handy when it comes to GPS navigation. This is not a multitouch display (no pinching or zooming), but we found it to be accurate and responsive."

"The hardware keyboard on the Droid isn’t the best we’ve used. Each key offered good feedback, but the layout feels cramped, and we made errors when we tried to type quickly. Part of the reason why there’s less real estate for a bigger keyboard is because there’s a 5-way directional pad to the right, with a gold center button. This makes it easy to make finer cursor movements, but the Droid wouldn’t need a D-pad if it had a looking glass feature like the iPhone."

Making Time Magazine Top 10 List For 2009 and The Laptop Magazine Editors Choice is impressive for a device that has only been out for 2 months. We can see this mobile phone being the Best Of 2010 too.

Every review we see is the the same. They all love the Motorola Droid. The only two negatives that keep poping up are the weight and the keyboard. The phone is heavier than most, but it needs to be for the power it uses and the full slide out keyboard. The keyboard isnt perfect, but then what is these days.

Personally we like the keyboard. We have found it very useful when writing email and messages. For those who have issues with it at first find using the keys get easier with time. Like any device it has a slight learning curve.

We can see the Motorola Droid A855 holding the top spot for a long time. The phone is well built and powerful. As more users find out just how powerful the reputation of Verizon Droid will only get stronger.

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