LG Android Phones To Watch For In North America, GW620 and GW880

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We heard about LG being involved in the Android Open Source Project many moons ago. LG being involved with development of Android is no secrete. They are listed as a partner so whats the news. The news is they have let us see there new telephones for the OS.

We do not know if these phones will make it to the US, but Canada is close enough for us to be excited. Think of it like a preview of what LG will have for us in the near future.

LG EVE Android Phone LG EVE GW620 sold in Canada is a social network phone for sure. The Eves slick S-class interface lets you navigate your social networks, contacts, multimedia and Android Market apps seamlessly. Link your Facebook™ and Twitter™ accounts with your contact list so you can manage your social networks quickly and easily. The integrated 5.0 MP camera combines with a gorgeous media gallery and video editor to provide an unprecedented multimedia experience from your smartphone. Once you've discovered all the great features that come with the Eve, explore the Android Market for new and exciting apps to customize your LG Eve.
GSM Bands: 850/900/1800/1900
HSPA Bands: 850/1900
Network Speed (HSPA): 7.2 Mbps*
Display Size: 3.0
Number of Colours: 262k
Resolution: 320 x 480
Screen Type: HVGA Touch
Camera Resolution: 5.0 MP
Camera Zoom: 4x
Live video capture
Internal memory 150 MB
Expandable: Up to 16 GB microSD

GW 880 By LGLG GW880 OPhone is offered in Asia. Since LG is a South Korean company there phones generally take some time to get to North America unless they are branded for specific network like Verizon.
Its been hard obtaining the specs for the GW880, but we found photos on Flicker from some Chinese news agencies and second hand reports from the web. Operation is touchscreen-based, as the phone does not have a hardware keyboard we do know.
OPhone SDK is compatible with Android SDK, Android software can be easily used on OPhone platform with the same API.
It is not clear when LG will introduce the Android Phones for the US, but if the past is a indicator we would guess very soon.


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