LG Revolution LTE HDMI Out Android Phone Launches With Netflix Preloaded

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LG Revolution Android PhoneThe LG Revolution Android Phone has been a long time coming.

The LG Mobile Phone division has been playing catch up in the Android arena. In 2010 the company announced that they would be releasing 2 dozen Android Smartphone. That never materialized but the phone that have are worth the wait.

On May 26 2011 the LG Rev officially launched for the Verizon Wireless network via LG's website.

The hottest specs for the LG Revolution include: Android 2.2, 4G LTE Capable, HDMI Output and SmartShare, Preloaded Netflix, 720p HD Video Recording and Playback, Front-Facing Camera for Video Calls, 4G Mobile Hotspot

Whether streaming movies or TV shows via Netflix®, jammin’ out to Rock Band®, or picking up sweet sounds with Dolby® Mobile, Revolution turns a mobile moment into a mobile extravaganza.

LG Revolution Android Phone Review


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