Low Power Usage Bluetooth 4 Accessories Coming Soon

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Bluetooth 4.0 is one step closer to being on your favorite accessories. The newest version is supposed to low power usage technology.
In June 2010, the Bluetooth SIG announced the formal adoption of Bluetooth Core Specification Version 4.0 with the hallmark feature, Bluetooth low energy technology. This final step in the adoption process opened the Bluetooth SIG Qualification Program for qualification of all Bluetooth product types to the Version 4.0 Specification

Members may visit Bluetooth.org and Bluetooth.com to download specification details from the Adopted Specifications web page. Test documentation, including requirements and tools to support member qualification efforts, is available on the member site as well.

New Market Opportunities will come from these developments.

In a report out in June 2010 from West Technology Research Solutions, the opportunity for Bluetooth low energy technology, the main feature of Version 4.0, was found to be considerable. Said Kirsten West, top analyst with WTRS: “Bluetooth low energy will be a significant contributor to the overall Wireless Sensor Network market, representing nearly half of all shipments in 2015. The advantage to this new protocol is that it is totally optimized for low power battery operation.”

The hallmark feature enhancement to the Specification, Bluetooth low energy technology opens entirely new markets for devices requiring low cost and low power wireless connectivity, creating an evolution in Bluetooth wireless technology that will enable a flood of new applications – some not even possible or imagined yet. Many markets such as health care, sports and fitness, home security, and home entertainment will be enhanced with the availability of small coin-cell battery powered wireless products and sensors now enabled by Bluetooth wireless technology.

Bluetooth low energy wireless technology, the hallmark feature of the v4.0 Bluetooth Core Specification, features:

* Ultra-low peak, average and idle mode power consumption
* Ability to run for years on standard coin-cell batteries
* Low cost
* Multi-vendor interoperability
* Enhanced range
Why is this important some may ask. The advent of Super Phones like Droid X power has become a issue. When a user can connect via Bluetoth and not use anymore power the experience will become better. The industry understands these issues and are working to make power usage less of a issue.


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