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Cash In on Images

FOAP is a image licensing service that provides a platform for users to sell images. Registered users can make $5.00 per picture as many times as it can be sold.. You can connect to social media accounts and market pictures from your Android Phone.

What a great idea. Let people make money on there own photo's. FOAP is a new photo sharing Application that allows user to cash in on images. Such a good idea that when ABC News had a story about them on TV the App server went down. After a couple days the team  had version 2.2.1 running smoothly.

Can this really work? At first one could think it's just a way for a website to get user generated content. Unlike Facebook and Twitter FOAP pays users. This intrigued us so we dove in and got started.

At first we had issues getting the community to rate the images high enough to get published. Nothing like what the Apps description made it out to be. Get started by downloading the FOAP App in the Play Store Create a account with a unique name. (Don't upload images right away). Read all of this post and best practices within the users profile page.

It does take work to actually make money online doing this. You can make money with the photography app if you follow some basic criteria. FOAP is a community rating system. When you upload a image the other members rate your picture. You need better than 2.5 of 5 for your picture to be published. This can become frustrating and even insulting when not selected. In order to get the most out of FOAP users need to overcome some of these hurdles.

Foap is a social photo app that turns your photos into dollars. Participate in fun photo missions by large brands like MANGO, PUMA and SONY Entertainment Network, or build your portfolio and start selling photos to thousands of photo buyers worldwide, and make $5 each time that your photo is licensed. You can upload photos that you have taken with other photo applications such as Instagram, Photo Express, Social Cam, Eyeem or Camera plus.

Remember that a publisher account is controlled with your phone. The buyers end on desk tops is a different account. Once the App is installed set up your profile and profile image.

Take great pictures: When you first start rating others images you might "How do these people get such good pictures with a Cell Phone Camera". (Trust us some are and some aren't. We have found options beside your phone for uploads we will get into later.) Taking a good picture is the best way to get approved. Learn how to use your phones camera and setting. Experiment with the flash and exposures. Professional photographers take hundreds of images and cull them.  Those making the most money have well over 100 published images.

Use friends and family as models: Companies that want to put a face on a campaign need a license. They won't risk taking one off the Internet for free. Its hard for companies to find faces. Most have had to hire models and photographers to get pictures they own.

Nature is your free medium. For every place people live one will find uniqueness. Geographic areas have different views. You don't necessarily need that killer sunset in the Caribbean.

Take Close Ups: People like close up shots. Whether its a flower or a dog viewers are drawn to close ups. Images like this are everywhere. Check out your local garden center or public park.

Smartphone Tripod Camera StandBuy a TriPod. Stable images are important. Some cell phone cameras have stabilization options and some don't, in any event a Tripod is a must have. We like the smaller versions that flex and clamp. I'm known to pull over and throw a Tripod on the roof on my car.

Once you have great photos spend some time uploading them. Start with a dozen or so. Try to mix up the topic. Most people using the android app will stay on and rate pictures in bursts of time. If other users see duplicate images they are likely to score it low.

Marketing Your Pictures: After you've uploaded and had a image approved you will receive a email. In this notification you will find links to your picture. Do not delete these emails. They contain the URL's to all your sales pages. Copy and paste the locations in to a text file and save. You can then use these links to promote your pages in the FOAP sales area.

Do SEO for your URL's.  SEO is "Search Engine Optimization", its how website get found by search engines. If your not a Internet Marketer pay attention. Before uploading images rename them. Cell phone cameras in default mode automatically name images with dates, device and location sometimes. By re naming images before you upload them they will maintain a SEO friendly name. If you upload image without renaming them the server your uploading to will retain the original name which is usually a date.

When using the URLs you saved from your emails: FOAP gives you a landing page for every image. You access these pages using the link you get in the emails. Even though FOAP provides marketing by sharing within the app your can take marketing to the next level. You can promote each and every FOAP Image Page via the search engines. This is done by getting backlinks from other websites to your images page.

Promoting your links can be done in a variety of ways. Blog posts, Facebook, Twitter. In a blog post you can add a images and use the image link from your FOAP Landing Page. Here's an example from a recent trip to Woods Hole and Falmouth MA. This Lighthouse is for sale.

Lighthouse For Sale on Cape Cod

Click to see on FOAP

You can see a example of a Blogger Blog using these images. Blogger and WordPress are the more popular platforms. Worpress has a paid and free version and Blogger is free with a Google account. Using Web 2.2 sites can also add a lot of traffic to your images. Try using Squidoo like we did.

We are confident now that you have the basics of Making Money Online with FOAP understood you can succeed. Use all the tools the app gives you plus use your imagination. Market your image links. Put them anywhere and everywhere online. They will eventually land in the Search Engines and rank.

Disclaimer: First of all we are not recommend abusing FOAP. We simple want your to be able to have the best images possible in your profile. We don't approve of breaking and rules or policies at FOAP. Always backup files before moving them around.

There are little known secretes with FOAP. The images on FOAP are not all from a Cell Phone. With a little creativity you can have images from your camera. The Cell Phone Camera is limited in many ways.  Take pictures with your phone and your camera and pick the best. Even point and shoot cameras have better light sensors and filters. Most digital cameras have filters for getting deep colors and texture a cell phone just cant grab.

This is how we put pictures from a file on FOAP using  Samsung Phones. We used Android 4.3 on a Galaxy 3. The method can be different from phone to phone. All depends on which version of Android you have.

  • Find or take all the images you can legally gather for your topic in a file on your computer.
  • Make sure they are bigger than 900 PX.
  • Plug your phone in to your computer.
  • Locate your DCIM file with your camera images.
  • Open the image file on your computer.
  • Drag the file over to your DCIM file. (this can be different depending on how your files are set up. Some people have a camera file in the DCIM file)
  • Now open the FOAP on your smartphone and start selection process.
  • Select Gallery Scroll for the file you moved.
  • Wahla theirs your images.

Good luck and please lets us know how FOAP is working for you.

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