Mobile World Congress 2011 Reiterates Android Phone Growth And Commitment

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A Brave New Android World

As today's technology evolve rapidly -- alongside with it is the Android phones continued growth in popularity. As Android matures (and BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 stagnate) more and more device manufacturers are releasing Android smartphone and tablets, as evidenced by many of the new models on display at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2011.

HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and LG all had new Android models on display for MWC 2011, with Motorola selling up the features of its Droid PRO instead of revealing any new models. With gaming fueling a lot of the explosion in popularity of smartphones and tables, rest assured that all the new models keep that firmly in mind. While owners of Android devices don't in general have as many apps and games to choose from as iPhone owners, they do have some distinct advantages, such as being able to play for real money at internet casino and poker sites. While Apple severely restricts the distribution of gambling apps in the App Store, there's no such thing holding back Android developers, so online gambling fans are definitely flocking to Android devices.

As far as hits of MWC 2011, HTC created a good deal of buzz with five Android devices unveiled at MWC 2011, including the HTC Incredible S, Desire S, and Wildfire S, as well as two new models -- HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa -- aimed squarely at a young, Facebook-addicted crowd. The ChaCha and Salsa both feature dedicated Facebook buttons that lit up when the owner has Facebook updates available; the ChaCha comes with a 2.6 inch display and physical QWERTY front-facing keyboard, while the Salsa has a 3.4 inch display and front-facing video calling camera.

The newest crop of Android devices are also poised to take full advantage of the new Android Gingerbread OS, which has enhanced support for extended battery life, application management, and faster overall speed. Google is also promising support for higher-end games with Gingerbread, as well as a focus on fleshing out the Android Market to both encourage more app development and make it easier for users to find and download new apps and games.


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