More Rumors About Verizon, Motorola Droid Phones Hit The Internet

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So if you have been following this site you would have seen we CRASHED. Bamm. The cause is everyone searching for "Droid Phones". More than likely this is also exasperated by the fact that Verizon is supposed to have a press conference October 28, 2009.
What most people don't realize is that the Official date the phones will hit stores is November 9, 2009. How do I know this? I asked some people at Verizon. Doh that was a no brainier. Disclaimer: I don't know! They could have the wrong information. LOL
As of the time this post was put together even more rumors have started. Now we are hearing about 3 to 6 phones being released this year? Humm we haven't even seen one yet that is confirmed unless you believe the supposed leaks..
On October 27 Kent German at CNET posted about the Eris being the first droid to take the stage. Others are saying it will be a HTC Hero type device.
Truth be told that know one knows what will happen except the marketers at Verizon and Motorola.


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