MOTO360 Smartwatch by Motorola Coming In Summer | Google Smart Watch Arrives

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The next phase (Smartwatches) of the mobile revolution is in full swing. The SMARTWATCH is here to stay. Now that Motorola Moto360 Smartwatch is official the major players have staked a claim. The mantra of Motorola is "It's Time For Moto 360". It could be "It"s Time for The Google Smartwatch" even with the companies being joined at the hip.

Moto360 Smartwatch

Moto 360 Smartwatch

Motorola has not released any details but from the images we see it looks sporty. More like a conventional watch our elders wear rather than modern look of the Samsung Galaxy Gear. We know it will have at least two watch bands to chose from. A tradition clasp style and a linked locking C Style. The Moto360 certainly will have a touch of class.


Moto360 Traditional Band

Motorola Smartwatch

MOTO360 Smartwatch Clasp Band

We assume from the images that staying connected, maps and navigation will take center stage. As with Motorola Droid Phones we believe Google would have GPlus and Google Maps installed for these features.


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Surely the Motorola Smartwatch will sync out of the box with all Motorola Droid Phones. The Google Smartwatch will be a Smartphone accessory with style and class.


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