Motorola Droid 2.1 Manual Update Available For Download

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Hurray the Adroid 2.1 Update has begun the Over The Air Release. Though we know the OS update is being distributed the method of the roll out is set on slow. According to reports the launch began with 9000 users and will be distributed in equal quantities until all users have received it. The update rolls out at 200.000 per day and there a 2 million plus Droids. It's possible it could 10 to 14 days before its complete.
There will be a 24 hour break after the initial release to check for issues. This has given those who have received the 2.1 update and make it available for the rest of us.
If you want to do the manual update you first need the Zip file. We have found the file on a few sites. You can check the Motorola Forum or sites like Android Central.

Once you have the file on your computer you then copy it to the root of your Droid. Once that is complete rename the file to for windows it is just update.
1- With your Droid turned off, hold down the letter "x" on the keyboard and then hold down the power button. You should soon see a triangle with an exclamation point inside.
2- Press the volume up button and the camera button at the same time. (This can take a few attempts.)
3- You should now be in the bootloader. Use the D-pad to choose "update from .zip file" and choose the update. Let the update run. Do not press back or any other keys. Let the download do its thing.
That's it your done.

The update has been smooth for most, but we are going to give the same advice as we did during the 2.0.1 update. If you are just a regular Droid A855 User wait for the 2.1.0 OTA. The OTA is happening. Its been so long whats the rush now?


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