Motorola Droid Pro Joining Line Up Of Android Devices

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The title is a question in a certain way. We don't normally engage in on rumors and speculation around here, but this news has made us take notice. The Motorola Droid Pro according to a leaked portion of the Verizon Device Roadmap. Is it a phone or a tablet? Whatever this device turns out to be its leak is exciting.
Fans are watching for the Motorola Tablet and Galaxy Tablet along with other devices to launch by Christmas 2010 with Froyo Android 2.2 Lets hope The Droid Pro will be one of them.
Motorola DROID Pro, is supposedly a 4-inch Android smartphone with 1.3GHz processor and global wireless, apparently due to arrive in November this year according to rumors.
Research resources: [BGR] and [Slashgear] [not scraped]


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