Motorola Droid Pro Launches For Pre Orders Online

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Droid Pro Android PhoneIf you have been waiting for the Droid Pro then it's time to pre order your device. We highly recommend that if you want the Motorola Droid Pro you be the first to order online. This phone is expected to sell out fast. Most insiders believe because this device is more for business people that Verizon didn't order as many as they would have for other phones. Their is a very good chance that this Android Phone won't even make it to stores in quantities, if at all.

Most people thought that the Droid Pro would be in users hand by this time. Verizon even said the phone would be here November 8, 2010 in their last public statement about the device. They certainly been able to keep us around with baited breath. If this Cell Phone is a hit we very well might see the sold out sign we saw with Droid Incredible. If memory serves right the Incredible was marked sold out every other day until just recently.

will be available as a pre-sale order at select Verizon Communications Stores and online at Verizon Wireless online starting Nov. 9 and for purchase in stores starting Nov. 18. The DROID PRO will be available for $179.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement.

Pre Oder Online At Verizon Wireless


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