Motorola Droid Stands Strong Stays Number One In Usage Statistics

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Can you believe its been almost 6 months since Verizon Wireless launched The Motorola Droid?
Some would have thought the Motorola Droid usage would have dropped since so many Android Phones have been released. Even if we consider phones that haven't been released that users are waiting for. The A855 is standing Strong as number one of all the Droids.
Not only does the Superphone have the most traffic it is the most consistent. The Verizon Droid has climbed to about %32 of all Android OS traffic through Admob since the end of November 2009. The next closest competitor was the HTC Hero which was released 2 months prior in September 2009. The Hero has consistently claimed 20% off traffic from the category from the time it launched.

We can always assume that statistics are just that a stat. A peek into what is happening, but other metrics are at play. Still Apple iPad, iPhone and Touch claim most of the overall traffic, but the Android OS has served more ads than Iphone. This stat isn't necessarily accurate because Apple Advertises the App Store, iTunes and other advertising on The iPhone.

AdMob says "the Metrics Report is a snapshot of the traffic flowing through the AdMob network. As with any source of data, it is should be interpreted with the methodology and context in mind."
The Motorola Droid Mobile Phone has taken a big foothold on the Cell Phone and Smartphone World no matter what the metrics. We only posted this information for users to get a idea of what is happening. The AdMod Report is lengthy and we only posted little bits of it. That being said we can see the phone is strong and probably continue to be. Source: AdMob
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