Motorola Droid X Going On Sale Midnight July 15 2010

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With all the delays with the Droid Incredible and phones from other manufacturers Droid X buyers are ready to order now. We feel you pain and have done a little research to ease it.
Over on the Verizon Wireless site support forum some interesting threads have started. The one that caught our attention has forum contributor stating that the Droid X is confirmed to go on sale through all channels including b2b.
A more interest part of the thread a user posted a live chat they had with Verizon Sales.
"Kinberly: How may I help you today?
-You: I am ready to upgrade the phones on my account and want to purchase the new Droid X. Will that be available online or will I have to go to my local retailer?
-Kinberly: I will be more than happy to help you with the Droid X. It will be available the 15th.
-You: And as far as my question concerns?
-Kinberly: You will be able to order it online by 12:01 a.m.
-You: PST, central or EST?
-Kinberly: EST.
-You: Great, thank you so much for your help"

If all pans out the way things are going users can start ordering on the Verizon Wireless Website at 12:01 AM EST.
Good luck to all as we fully expect the Motorola Droid X to Sell out with in a day!


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