Motorola Droid X2 Leaked Images

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Droid 2X Leaked Image

Image from:ZDNet

The name sounds like something out of the movie "The Right Stuff". It could be the name of a jet fighter test plane. From what we have seen the Droid X2 performs like one.

Recently some images from Android Forums on Android Central to be the Droid X2 have been making the rounds online. Who's to say if they are real or even mock up phones used for testing. Surely Motorola has the X2 in the making. It follows a pattern from the manufacturer of updating previous models of Droid.

The manufacturers have many reasons to build out second, third or even fourth versions of successful mobile phones. The Droid X Touch Screen device was a big hit at launch like its siblings Droid Original A855 and Droid Incredible. No reason to make up a new name or brand when what you have is working.

Updates in the new wireless devices are more powerful processors and feature like HDMI out. Now that Phone manufacturers have seen how users use these super phones they can add features consumers want.


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