myMediConnect Portal Optimization For Android and Mobile Devices

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Over the last couple years Apps for Doctors and Nurses to do their jobs better have evolved. At first privacy was the main issue. As Smartphone users grow more comfortable with privacy and other issue the Medical Apps have improved.
The first day of summer June 21, 2010 MyMediConnect Announced Mobile Devices Supported Include iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and smartphones with Android and WebOS Mobile Operating Systems.

What users can do with this software:

- Consumer Users Can Share myMediConnect Personal Health Record with Physician During Visits

- Mobile Devices Enable Anywhere, Anytime Access to Consumer Digital Health Records.

Again beyond the arguments of privacy, say your a skier in the Back Bowls of Vail. You drop in and slam, next thing you know your on a sled heading to PHQ Buffalo at mid Vail. You could pull out your Mobile Device and let Ski Patrol know your complete medical history. The situations that this type of software could help make lives better is endless.

myMediConnect (formerly PassportMD) is one of only four PHR systems chosen by the Obama administration to participate in the current Medicare PHR pilot program. myMediConnect was created to manage and integrate multiple aspects of an individuals health and well being including tools to import medical records, become better educated and informed about health care issues, track progress towards personal fitness goals, connect more easily with physicians, effectively research HSA providers, and save money on medications.

myMediConnect mobile device users benefit from convenient access to personal health record information on-the-go for personal use, and can easily share medical history information with a physician. Members also enjoy the ability to quickly look up medications taken previously, for example while standing in line waiting to consult with a pharmacist.

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Fascinated by Android and Droid Phones

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