New Roku Stick VS Google Chromecast Video

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Roku StickThe IP Online TV Wars are heating up. Roku was the go to streaming set top box until Chromecast came along. Yes Apple TV is also huge but for those who are on a budget Chromcast and Roku are the most affordable right now.

The Roku Stick crunches a smartphone sized device into a USB sized stick. The unique thing about device is you don't need a phone or computer to use it like Chromecast. The Roku has a remote.

The Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI Version) is a easy to use compact stick that streams the best entertainment to your TV. Pick from 1,000+ channels and 31,000+ movies with more added all the time. Cast Netflix, YouTube and personal media from your smartphone or tablet to your TV. Control it with the included remote or from your mobile device.

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