New Solar Technology Will Keep Cell Phones Charged At All Times

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Tired of carrying chargers around and conserving battery life? Just when you thought you technology was peaking a story like this pops up. GoSolar and PREE™ Tech say they can harnessed the solar energy from cell towers and send it to your phone. Wow that would solve many issues the newest Smartphone have with battery usage.

Once this new technology hits the market the smartphone market will certainly surge forward once again. Imagine never having to charge you phone again. Sounds like something out of Tesla's playbook.

Here is a statement the company has released.

Management of GoSolarUSA (Pinksheets:GSLO) is encountering another flood of interest in the PREE™ technology in the wake of the unexpectedenormity of iPhone 4 sales by Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL). Analysts expect Apple to announce shipping over 2 million iPhone 4 Smartphones over opening weekend. GSLO had already announced executing an option on the breakthrough technology named PREE™ that uses wireless internet signals and solar energy to constantly keep Smartphones charged all of the time without having to be plugged in. Management of GSLO has begun fast-tracking their deal with PREE™ as a result of the original spike in public interest regarding PREE™ product details, possible PREE™ distributorships and interest in investment.

The breakthrough PREE™ technology captures the power of wireless Internet signals and solar energy to keep Smartphone batteries charged all of the time. The technology is being designed for use with the iPhone 4 as well as Research in Motion’s BlackBerry (NASDAQ: RIMM) and Google’s Android (NASDAQ:GOOG). With well over 150 million Smartphones in use today, GSLO expects this new technology to be very popular with tens of millions of Smartphone users worldwide. GSLO is anticipating investment in the company as well as the development, delivery and marketing of the PREE™ product.

Smartphone accessories generate billions of dollars of revenue to manufacturers. GSLO is excited to be a part of bringing a new American technology to the market that can be sold worldwide. The smartphone accessory market is projected to reach $80 billion by 2012. The Company strongly feels that this product has major market potential.

GoSolarUSA identifies and develops new solar energy technologies in the United Sates. Our motto is “Invent it here, Build it here and Sell it to the World!” While green technologies like wind and solar manufacture their products in China and Europe and import them to the U.S., we are focused on developing and manufacturing our products in the United States. We believe this not only creates high-quality jobs in America, but it insures the quality and availability of our products. GSLO is developing clean American solar technology to compete in the energy industry against stalwarts such as BP (NYSE: BP). GoSolarUSA is a US registered and reporting OTCQB market tier company.

We will be keeping a very close eye on these companies. They have found a niche in the phone market that will make many envious we would think.


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