New York Times Review Weighs In On HTC Incredible Droid

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The NY Times has been a authority for many years we all know.When they write a review about technology most take notice.
When the Times reviewed the Incredible readers where not so surprised that the Newspaper gave HTC's new Droid a thumbs up.
Here are some quotes from the review:
"Naming a cell phone ''Incredible'' is audacious: Even if the device has all the bells and whistles, it might not be incredibly easy or fun to use.
It turns out Taiwan's HTC Corp. can back up the claim. Its Droid Incredible, which will be available April 29 from Verizon Wireless, combines a brilliant screen, Google's Android operating software, a great camera and slick design in a thin, light package -- all the ingredients for a fab phone. It's $200 with a two-year contract."
"Like another handset made by HTC, Google Inc.'s Nexus One, and like Motorola Inc.'s original Droid, the Incredible has a crisp, responsive and spacious screen -- 3.7 inches diagonally, which is slightly bigger than the iPhone (3.5 inches). " Source

The times review is typical of most general news publications. They mention some great things but then pick at issues that are old news. The lack of Flash 10.1 and the missing keyboard, but help publicize technology to the masses. We fully expect to see a large group of users moving from AT&T iPhone to the Android Platform as SmartPhone Users learn about the advantages of the OS. Now that Adobe has given up on Flash for iPhone that issue will be gone very soon. We hope.


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