Newest Android Ice Cream Sandwich Almost Ready for Consumption

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Credit: XDABack on September 19, 2011 Tim Bray an Android developer posted on the official blog about screen size. He was trying to prepare app builders for the new OS and the onslaught of the tablet for Christmas 2011. When we start to see beta apps and updates on the Android Development blog we can safely say we are close to launch. For release of the SDK anyway.
Now we are seeing more evidence of a upcoming launch. Recently over on XDA a Android 4.0 Music Player is available for install. Beyond that more images have been circulating of installed Android Ice Cream OS
We would expect to see the release of the newest Android OS within weeks. It is also expected that the OS will officially arrive on Nexus Prime and then Nexus S.
From XDA: "Good news is that the Nexus S will be upgradeable after Nexus Prime, also other older devices -1 year old- will follow shortly after. At this point, we can only speculate from the pictures as nothing has been officially said, so please leave your comments or ideas regarding what you think will be included on the new Ice Cream Sandwich."



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