Newest Android Version Sweet As A KitKat

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I love Kit Kat Candy and now Android Phone users can too. The next version in Android Development is 4.4 and not 5.0 as some expected. The Google Phone OS has been renamed Kit Kat as a promotional tool with the Hersheys chocolate company. User can get Google Play discount codes from the wrappers. This is great news for me. Yummy Day.

Android 4.4 KitKat

We’re naming the next version of Android after one of our favorite chocolate treats, KitKat. Look for specially branded KitKat bars in a store near you that give you a chance to win a Nexus 7 or Google Play credit.

Android Kit Kat Codes

To make this release even sweeter, Kit Kat is giving you the chance to win a Nexus 7 or Google Play credit. Just look for specially branded Kit Kat candy bars featuring the Android robot in a store near you.

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