Next Generation Droid Is The Incredible From HTC Phones. (Specs)

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For a few weeks the buzz about The HTC Incredible has been flooding the Internet. We have such a thirst for information that sometimes it is just overload. Between Verizon Nexus One, iPhone For Verizon, Incredible Release Date. All these headlines have been dominate daily.
A recent internal email recently caused a miss fire with The Incredible Phone. Something about Monday being a Incredible day. This turned out to be the KIN Phones from Microsoft and Verizon. More on those New Phones later.

With all that is going on with Wireless Technology consumers are finding it hard authority on Mobile Phone news. Some of the information we see obviously is intended to create hype. The legitimacy of reports is called into question more than not.

The smoke is beginning to clear and the fog is lifting around The Incredible Smartphone. A test page went up on Verizon Wireless April 14, 2010 and Engadget has obtained The Spec Sheet for Newest Droid. Sound familiar. The same thing happened the days prior the The Motorola Droid A855. According to the test page users will be able to Pre Order The HTC Incredible starting in April 2010.

The Incredible leans to a Nexus One rather than a Droid. The tech world dubbed it a Droid before Verizon did. And Yes it is being marketed as a Droid Phone.

The Newest Android Phone is certainly a Super Phone. Now that we can see this HTC Phones specs it has become obvious that the mobile device is loaded with the best technology. 8Megapixel Camera, GPS/e911, 1 Ghz Snapdragon Processor. All very impressive elements of this phone.

At the time of this post the release date appears to be April 29, 2010. That being said nothing official has come from HTC or Verizon as of yet.


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