Official Droid Phone Demo From Verizon Wireless

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Instead grabbing any old Un-boxing video from YouTube for the Droid we opted to find the Official Video from Verizon. They have really out did the competition by making these video's. Almost 6 minutes of demoing the Droid.
The Verizon / Motorola Droid is even more amazing than first thought. You need to watch the video. Really there is just so much users can do with Android 2.0.
If you have always wanted to develop a application and maybe missed out with iPhone this is your chance. Android has developer tools that you can use to create a application and market it. That's another post though.
Enjoy the video! We did.
If you really want The Droid Phone now they are available on Head over to Droid Cell Phone By Verizon For Sale On post. Pretty cool that these people can get the newest cell phones so fast.


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