Official: Verizon HTC Incredible Video, Newest Droid Phone Review

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A demonstration of the features and services available on the Droid Incredible by HTC. The Official Video For The HTC Incredible Droid Is Very Informative. Very detailed and in depth review of the Incredible functions on the HTC Phone.
Verizon Wireless released the Droid Incredible for Pre Order early on the heals of Best Buy Stores accepting orders starting April 18,2010.
The Smartphone has the most updated technology available at the moment. The Verizon HTC Incredible will also cut deep into sales Verizon might have had for Nexus One if it ever launched.
Look for the Newest droid to be shipped to consumers early. April 29, 2010 is when the companies have said it will be in stores, but after this early release date anything can happen at this point.


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