Pantech Sky Phone Vega Gets 3D Screen Technology By Eruption

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Pantech Vega Android PhoneFormally known as MascotCapsule Eruption by the HiCorp people is being embarrassed by Pantech. Eruption enables awesome, high-speed 3D graphics rendering on the Android platform.

Pantech will be adding the 3D rendering to its Vega Android 2.1 cell phone. The phone is available in the Korean Mobile Phone Market.

Eruption is differentiating 3D user interfaces on the rapidly expanding Android market, and will continue its efforts to promote the use of eruption globally, making it the go to standard of 3D UI technology.

OpenGL ES is the traditional method for 3D graphics rendering on Android, but even a simple diagram needed multiple programs, hindering developers work. Eruption models and animation data from popular 3D graphics tools like Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya and more can easily be displayed on Android, making 3D content on Android as easy to create as 3D content for earlier generation smart phones.
Due to its structural limitations, Android's own rendering speed is slow. To solve this problem, eruption implements a proprietary high-speed rendering method on the Android, increasing the graphics rendering speed 2 to 3 times per HiCorps in house comparison.

Source: [HiCorp]


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