PayPal Application Has Multiple Uses For Droid Phones

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We all know what PayPal is right? If you don't the online e commerce payment processing site is well know for being eBay's payment system. Currently PayPal operates in 190 markets, and it manages over 184 million accounts, more than 73 million of them active. PayPal allows customers to send, receive, and hold funds in 19 currencies worldwide.

Recently PayPal has introduced Mobile Phone Application For Android Mobile Devices. Now you can send money to friends, and family or when making purchases.

Log on to your account and check the status of payments receivables, Balance and transaction in one place. PayPal Mobile lets users review accounts balance, send and receive money, shop or make donations.
Users can add a mobile PIN number to a PayPal Account to speed up logging in and adding security. Take using this App one step further by asking clients to use the PayPal Android App for submitting payments.

Reviews of The PayPal App have been average. Users like the idea of using the e commerce payment processing site but say it has drawbacks. Lack of functionality and the ability to connect to bank account. We found that navigating back from certain pages we landed up on the Apps Market Place page. Then we had to tap open again to get back to where we where.

We would warn against using PayPal for purchases on places like Craigs List or for services purchased online. Those transactions most likely is not covered under PayPals buyer protection. On the other hand the Application would perform well with small business's like painting or landscaping. In instances where to two users participating know each other and where invoices are used. Anyone can get a PayPal Merchant Account and it's fast and easy to sign up.

In conclusion we give the PayPal App 3 Stars. The 1.1.3 version is limited but has potential. If Paypal can ad functions and make the App easier to navigate applications that users could use it for are endless. Using this Droid App work good when shopping on and or websites that accept PayPal.
The site claims Every payment is confirmed by a PIN or password, so there’s no need to worry if you lose your phone. Downloading this app is free, but PayPal charges fee's for receiving payments and other services they offer.

Download this Application by searching "PayPal" in The Android Market Place. Please tell us what you think of this App by leaving a comment.


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