PC Magazine Calls Moto X Best One Handed Android Phone

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Moto X Smartphone VideoPC Magazine has been a technology go to for nerds for decades. When PC Magazine Calls Moto X Best One Handed Android Phone we certainly value there opinion on just about any piece of technology.

We hear where they are coming from. The recent trend in Smartphone has been larger sizes.  People are watching more video and movies on devices which requires larger screen. This trend has once trended as a pocket PC and most recently the term Phablet.

in a world where high-end Android phones are routinely five inches and larger, the Moto X stands out. It doesn't offer the screen size or resolution of the high-end phones, but it does offer one distinct advantage: it fits more easily in one hand. And at 5.1-by-2.6-by-0.4 inches (HWD), it's not all that much larger than an iPhone (4.9-by-2.3-by-0.3 inches).

In the The Moto X VS Droid Maxx post we can see other unique function of Moto X users are loving.



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