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Over the last several months electronics manufacturers have been building and launching personal cloud servers. These devices are just what the name implies, they are servers, but stationed in your home. The new personal cloud servers come with intuitive personal features that let you connect from anywhere. In the past we needed to rent server space from companies like Host Gator or more recently cloud space to store large amounts of data online.

Most of us look at the cloud as something only big companies with large websites need. True but anyone can rent cloud space from Google, Amazon and many others. You can even sell your own cloud space as a reseller. If you buy cloud server storage it also comes with a monthly payment as does server space.

As the Smartphone phenomenon grows storage is becoming a real issue with most everyone. When you need personal storage device users can use traditional storage sticks, disks, portable hard drives from manufacturers like Western Digital.

With A Personal cloud users have complete access via Mobile Phones, Tablets and Laptops. Owners have complet control over access and security from the Internet.

Samsung Personal Cloud

The most recent launch in the personal Server category is the Samsung HomeSync. HomeSync provides 1 TB of private storage, which is enough room to upload 10 photos daily for 82 years, or five minutes of home video for 10 years. The device supports up to eight users with five devices each and a personal and private folder for each member. Using the Samsung Link app on a mobile device, users can access images, music, videos, documents and files from any registered device. Uploading to HomeSync is as simple as selecting an item, such as a photo, and tapping the HomeSync.
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The standby backup company that brought portable hard drives to the main stream is Western Digital. The WD My Cloud was launched before any others thought of the Personal Cloud Server. The My Cloud is cheaper too and has up to 3 TB of storage compared to the Samsung Personal Cloud Server.

Upload photos and videos directly to your personal cloud from anywhere and free up space on your mobile devices with the MyCloud.


The MY Cloud Is Available on Amazon For $179.00 for 3 TB Model



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