Prepaid Rollover Data Plans Come To Verizon Wireless So Users Are ALLSET

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Rollover Prepaid Data Plan

Verizon Prepaid

Over the last several months all the American mobile carriers have been introducing new payment plans. Now that most of the market is saturated mobile companies are trying to lure customers away from the competition. Verizon appears to be targeting pre paid users now.

Verizon Wireless has taken a new approach for them to Pre Paid phones. The Roll Over model called "Allset" will allow prepaid phone customers to pick from 3 different plans and carry unused Data to the next month.

The new ALLSET PLANS from Verizon Wireless, feature prepaid options starting as low as $35 for basic phones and $45 for smartphones with unlimited messaging and 500 MB of data, giving flexibility to those who need it. And for a limited time, smartphone customers can double their monthly data to 1 GB by enrolling in Auto Pay.

Customers can also further customize their prepaid plan with BRIDGE DATA, which allows users to add data to their accounts whenever they want. And any unused BRIDGE DATA in a current monthly cycle moves to the next cycle.

Read more at Verizon ALLSET Prepaid Page

The convenience of Verizon prepaid is there is no credit check , no activation fee, no contract and as a bonus Free Shipping. Verizon also offers the most powerful Smartphones along with the user experience in the industry.


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