Protecting and Extending Is Main Purpose of Google Motorola Deal

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After the Google Motorola Conference Call on August 15, 2011 the over all purpose of the deal is about "Protecting and Extending Android" Is the Main Purpose of Google Motorola Deal.
All the participant came back to the same answer over and over. Android and Motorola are a perfect fit with Google. Being run as separate companies they can protect and build on each other.
Though there are patient and legal issues the focus is on running each business as they are being run now and moving each forward.
When Google acquires Motorola they are also acquiring the patients Motorola has numbering about 17K. These technology patients can and will strengthen Android against threats from other mobile companies.
It was revealed that 560k Android Devices are being activated everyday. This number has grown from 135.000k activations 6 months previous.
If one stands back a little and takes what was said with a grain of salt another theme was playing during the conference call. Google knows Motorola was it the Open Handset Alliance from the start. Motorola has had dips and also almost failed more than once after peaks. Like WW2 Radios and the the 1990s Razar flip Phone the company fell hard. With the relationship about to happen Motorola will be protected from these dips and unforeseen threats.


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