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Welcome to Droid Cell Phone Free QR Code Generator (beta).
The uses for QR Codes are endless. Use them as images in your social accounts or entice your customers to sign up for daily deals.The Free QR Code Generator has multiple choices for what you want to do with your code. Click the dropdown menu in "QR Code Styles" to see your options. You can send users to your website, call a phone number, view a Google Map and so on.
This tool is free for our friends. Once you finish filling out the form we will email you your Free QR Code.

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Your QR Code Will Appear Here After Your Create It.

If you are building your first QR Code we have some hints to help get you started.
First decide where you want to send those scanning the code. If you want to send them to say a menu on your website you would want to enter the entire URL of that page into "QR Code Style" drop down selection "Website".If you want to have users contact you we have 7 choices in the drop down menu, VCARD, MECARD, TEXT, SMS, EMAIL, TEXT MESSAGE or Telephone. Simply enter the information and the QR Code directs the contact message through the persons client for each service. If it's a phone then the users phone will dial the phone number you entered into the field. If it's SMS then then users phone will open the SMS client with the SMS Address or number.

One of the most useful features of the QR Generator is the GEO Location Map. When you select Map from the "QR Code Style" drop down enter the location you want and click "Go To".

Once the map appears it will look very general with a wide radius. Simply use the map plus "+" to get closer to the address. When a person scans the QR Code the map will open in their Google Maps Client. The user can then use all the Google Mapping functions to get directions from where they are or save it to there maps for later use.

Free QR Code Generator Example

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Some of the uses this provides you are that the information the user scans is stored in the phone. This means they can reference it any time. If you owned a restaurant and had your daily specials page in your QR Code then the user can open that page wherever and whenever they want to see whats for dinner. Same for any of the "QR Code Style" choices.

It is important that you fill in the field above and below your code. We need to remember that QR Codes are relatively new in North America and people need to be introduced to them. To help them put something like " Scan With Your Phone" in the top field and the URL of your page and the destination of the URL in the bottom fields.

The more information about you or you business the better. The information as said above is stored on the users cell phone.

QR Codes work on any phone with a camera as long as the users has a App or software installed.

You can also style your QR Image to your liking. You want your advertising to stand out. If your image is in a window of a shop then you may want it as bright as can be, but if its on a restaurant the something not so annoying may work better.

QR Codes For Google Maps

Your getting the picture. Once you have your codes set up you can put them in print advertising, pizza boxes, take out menu's, retail windows, on your social pages like facebook and twitter or on business cards. The ways to use these codes is endless.

Be sure and test all your images in different apps and readers. If you have issues be sure all the fields are correct. Not all cell phone cameras are the same. Some dont read color as good as others. Black and white are considered the most dependable with cheaper cameras.

This tool is in BETA. For now our Email System is Powered by MailChimp. Please consider signing up for email updates when we send you your Free QR Code. We are not spam marketers here and we will never give, sell, loan your information to anyone.

We hope to add even more functionality soon.