R2D2 Droid Phone Gos All Out Star Wars Tie In And Launch Date

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Lucas Film seems to be all in on Droid. Not only has the phone taken on the world favorite robot, now it will save us from The Evil Empire in its black tshirts. The splash page for R2 Phone has been updated with a scrolling synopsis of the quest. Just like the Star Wars Movies.
R2D2 Droid
The Motorola Droid R2D2 Special Edition Phone launch of September 9, 2010 is a magnificent day for the Rebel Alliance. The struggle against evil will receive its own Death Star type weapon with Pre Paid phones in 2010. Verizon has had prepaid phones for some time, but we fully expect Smartphones to added to the list of available phones for prepaid plans very soon. (Rumor)

In mid August 2010 Verizon started a contest that ties in the pre launch premise. @DroidLanding on Twitter has been slowly releasing clues to the location of the Limited Edition Phone. They hide them and give clues of where they are. To date we can find 15 people who have found R2D2 Droid Phones. Looks like it will continue at least to launch day.


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