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Are you a Twitter user or new to smartphones or just like reviews? We have put together a list of applications for Twitter and Android users. Over a 3 day period we put 5 app's to the test. We didn't really have a set of rules of what to look for but wanted to evaluate the user experience.
Everyone on Twitter wants different functions. Some users simply want to send out quike tweets and others can't live without certain functions that the site offers.
Twitter continues to add functionality to the website. The most recent being "Lists". Users can dig into there own community and create a list of there favorite people they are following or who is following them. This is very new and users are only beginning to get the most out of Lists on Twitter.

This list is not in any order it is written in the order they are on the Droid. Please remember any faults we found are not necessary the fault of the App itself. Android apps run of of many things. One of which is other app's. They also use Twitters API. We all know about Twitter and its API not always working correctly. Those of us who used Twitter it's very first days never thought Twitter would get so big because it crashes so much. It still does, so any function that didn't work for us may work for you tomorrow.

-- Twitter On The Fly. I may have just done something wrong, but this app just would not work for us. It kept saying we where not connected to the Internet when we where. We tried reinstalling it, checking Twitter User Name and Password, Checking permissions. The situation is still under investigation. The App could be conflicting with another App. We will get back to you about Twitter On The Fly.

i-twitter Twitter App Android I-Twitter is useful for most users. It has the search, Favorite, @ IE: Mentions, Direct Messages and Friends. No lists function that we could find on this app.Under the search field tab there is Top 20 Trending Topics for each hour in a given day. Also there is Top 30 Trending Topics for each day in a given week.
All 5 of the tabs are working and the trends are working but for some reason the search had a hard time. It would time out or just not finish. This was probably due to something at Twitter. It is probably the tester but we could not find a way to follow others at first. Very strange we where able to send replys and a photo in a reply, but we could not figure out how to follow someone or send a pic in a tweet. After many times scratching our heads we thought we had it figured it out. No. If you use the general menu on the phone the users profile opens with Reply Send DM and ReTweet, Time Line and following/followers. No Follow button
These issue are probably the fact that the tester is a space shot, but these functions should be easy to find for anyone. Know matter how many Dead shows you've been to.
Besides any dissatisfaction here it is lite and sends and receives tweet.

Xeeku Twitter App Xeeku Twitter App This app has many functions built in and starts with a update which we liked. It makes s sure everything is working properly. Xeeku has a sliding toolbar in the footer of your time line. The toolbar has New Tweet, Lists, Trends, DM's, Gallery, Mentions @, Saved Search and Search.
Xeeku has a large update area to type tweets and adds 3 more tools on the right side.Send Tweet, Add photo and Delete.
When you do a search with Xeeku and find a user you want to follow you simply taps on there tweet and you are taken to a option screen with 4 choices, Reply this tweet, Retweet, Send DM, There Website link if they have one and Mention @.
If you tap on a users photo the status comes on the screen. You can follow them by taping on there photo again and your done.
A great feature of this app is Friends Draw Gallery tab. This app has small tabs that popup when a certain area is open. When your in a users prfile it says Frieds Draw. It never ends with this app. When your on the timeline page you have more functions in the general menu on the Droid. The general menu show Preferances, Reload, Logout, Term and Mail To functions provided by the Application.
This Twitter App for the Droid is going to be on best of lists everywhere!

TwitterRide- Apps For Android TwitterRide is a well thought out app. The layout was easy to use for us. The app as many screens that are easy to move between. Posting pictures is easy as was the mention function. By have many different window/screens it Free's up space in each area to see whats happening.

My favorite feature is a button on the bottom left that take the user to a post window that is very clean and uncluttered. It makes it easy to send a tweet while adding a photo , URL or both into a post.

Twitter Ride also has a general menu function on the Droid with Refresh, Favorites, Search, My Profile, Settings and a more button with update your profile and exit. We really like the exit button. It shuts down the app. Some of the other apps continue to run in the background when we didn't want them to.

Twitter Apps Android 020 Twidroid is a very functional app for keeping track of your tweets. With the pro version users can have multiple accounts and switch between them fairly easy. The app has all the functions a power user needs.

On the bottom of the home screen users will find basic functions like home, Mention @, DM button, search and refresh. We liked the refresh function. A must have when looking for the best twitter android apps for each user.

We also really liked the general menu functioning in concert with the home menu. By engaging the general menu while on different pages brings up advanced function for that area. Most of the app we used had a similar arrangement, but TwiDroid used it more effectively. IMO

Android Phone users will find many more apps in the Android Market. Everyday we see more interesting ways of utilizing the power of the Android Project. We wanted to bring the more popular Twitter Android Apps to our reader attention, but there are many more to choose from.

When it comes to social networking from a Android Smartphone every users needs are unique. Some may simply need to stay in touch with friends and family while others need to access multiple accounts and market with there phone on Twitter.

We suggest testing out as many apps as you can before settling in with one. The Android App Market Place also is constantly sending updates to your apps. So today you may think one is the best and tomorrow a developer may do a update on another app that makes that app better for you.


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