Samsung Captivate Galaxy S Android Phone ATT Release Date Revealed

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The summer cell phone wars are heating up with the Heat Wave of 2010. Everyday we are hearing about new releases on different carriers. The Samasung Captive is reportedly launching on AT&T July 18, 2010.
Samsung has seemingly has been absent from the Android pushes since Google I/O 2010, but it hasn't. The Captive is part of the Galaxy S line of Android Mobile Phone group. Galaxy S Android smartphones on all 4 major US wireless carriers: Vibrant for T-Mobile, Captivate for AT&T, Fascinate for Verizon and Epic 4G for Sprint. Also coming to 2 regional carriers.

As far as we know this is the first time a Android Device from the same manufacturer has launched on all 4 major networks simultaneously. The Galaxy Series Phones may not all look the same, but they all have some things in common. Like a 4 inch Amold Screen and, 1 Ghz processor.

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