Samsung Cell Phones Nexus S Drops On Amazon Wireless For $99.00

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Android Phones On Amazon Wireless

Amazon Wireless is starting to become the premier online shopping portal for Android Phones. The website is certainly considered one of the biggest and the best. Amazon was the company wall street pushed to the top in the 1990's leading the Internet Bubble. wall Street created the bubble Amazon was simply caught up in the wave.

Amazon has been way ahead of the rest when it comes to Wireless and Cloud Services. They are innovating way more than sites like EBay who seem to be stuck in old business models.

Android ImageSamsung Cell Phones have taken the lead with the Google Phone in recent months. HTC built the original Nexus One which was the developers phone. Google tried to distribute the device themselves, but quickly learned what companies like Verizon have known for years. Its not as easy as it ia ppears. Google eventually closed down the online store for devices. They now simply direct users to Vodafone, Sprint , Verizon Wireless and other online retailers.

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