Samsung Epic 4G Launches August 31, 2010

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Samsung Epic 4G Android Phone LaunchSprint has announced that the Samung Epic 4G Android Phone will arrive at stores August 31, 2010. Sprint is the only 4G Network in North America and will now have 2 Android 4G Phones, The HTC Evo 4G and Epic 4G.

The device is part of the Galaxy S Series that Samsung recently launched. The Galaxy line of phones will be available on all American Networks with slightly different versions.
Outside of this mobile device's awesome specs there are many other simple reason to purchase it. These reasons include bragging rights, usability, size, and cool factor. The truth is that this phone is jaw dropping to some and as such anyone that owns this sleek, sexy, hand set will be the envy of many that cannot handle the levels of awesome which it happens to house.

Sprints price point is higher for The Samsung Epic 4G than other Android Phones being offered at $199.00. The $249.00 price tag is a premium for subsidized phone. It will be interesting to see how sales go.

If you are considering a Galaxy Phone we put together a guide called Samsung Galaxy S Buyer Guide.


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