Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One, Best New Smartphones

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Galaxy S4 vs HTC OneWhen considering the current flagship Android smartphones, two models come to mind, and you might question which is better: the Galaxy S4 or HTC One? Arguably, both of these devices are considered to be the best Android phone. Android development has certainly come a long way, from the original Droid to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One. Each phone has a lot to offer the user, but to truly determine which one is best for you, it is necessary to compare the Galaxy S4 specs with those of the One. Here is a fair review of each so that you can determine the winner of the battle known as HTC One vs Galaxy.

Many a Galaxy S4 review has been extremely favorable, and the smartphone is considered to be the current Droid flagship in many respects, especially as it is a fair follow-up to the previous generation the Samsung Galaxy S III. The Samsung S4 offers plenty of the same features found in that device as well as many that are new and considered quite revolutionary. The One also has an array of impressive features, some of which are new surprises that haven't previously been seen from the Taiwanese phone manufacturer.

Both phones include gorgeous display. The Samsung S4 offers one that is larger than that of their previous flagship phone at a full five inches. The One, meanwhile, measures in at 4.7 inches. Both smartphones' displays are very near edge to edge, with HD screen resolutions that are 1920 by 1080 pixels. The One wins in terms of screen density, however, as it offers 468 pixels per inch compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4's 441 pixels per inch.

The Galaxy S4 specs probably look better on paper overall than the HTC One, but many consumers may opt for the latter over the former as certain new S4 features can seem gimmicky. Android development, however, has come a far way and many individuals may see the phone as a better investment overall just to get such features. Not since the original Droid has a smartphone had so many great new features. The Galaxy boasts a series of new gestures where the device responds to a simple wave of the hand or fingers and the movement of their eyes. These are known as Air and Eye Tracking gestures. For example, you can scroll through the photo album on your Galaxy phone simply by moving a finger over its screen or pause a video you are watching by shifting your eyes away from the screen.

The One is no slouch either as it too has some wonderful new features. One of the most exciting is that the user can stream all of their favorite content onto the screen at once thanks to the HTC BlinkFeed feature. Also, in spite of the fact that the camera is only 4 megapixels, it takes quality photos that may be somewhat dark but that provides good color. The feature HTC Zoe provides the user with the ability to capture brief video clips that they can share with their contacts in a snap. You can also stitch reels of videos together and add music to them to save for your own usage or share to Facebook or via email.

The Galaxy boasts a 13 megapixel camera that is probably superior to that of the One as the colors appear more realistic. However, the HTC smartphone wins in the sharpness contest. The S4 has features within its camera that allow the user to create an animation within a photo, similarly to the Cinemagraph feature that appears in all Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices.

Both smartphones are equipped with the Jelly Bean operating system, although the S4 comes out of the box packing the 4.2.2 version, while the One has 4.1.2 but is upgradeable to the latest version. It remains to be seen whether either device will be upgradeable to the next Android OS version.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is available with internal storage amounts of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB and also includes a microSD slot for additional memory expansion of as much as 64GB. The HTC phone lacks an SD card slot but is available with choices of either 32GB or 64GB of internal storage.

In terms of the build of these two phones, the One certainly has the edge. It is built with quality and sports a gorgeous aluminum unibody and is very slim. The S4, meanwhile, has a thinner form factor but is made from plastic, which offers it a rather cheap feel while in the hand of the user. Even the best Galaxy S4 review mentions this detail. At the same time, the S4 is currently available in two color choices, and more are expected later. The One is currently only available in silver in the United States, although there are black and red versions that have yet to be seen.

At the end of the day, in the HTC One vs Galaxy contest, it comes down to the consumer to decide which is the best Android phone currently out there. Anyone who is looking for their next smartphone can read up about everything that can be expected in both phones and make their purchase through Tiger Direct, Amazon, Wirefly, Best Buy and Verizon.

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