Samsung Galaxy S4 VS Apples iPhone 5

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S4 VS iPhone

Compare iPhone to Samsung Galaxy

There is now a serious challenger to the dominance of the Apple iPhone. With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone it looks like an Android mobile device could be king of the hill. With its latest version of the Galaxy Samsung has set the standard for all other smartphones to come.

This may finally be the iPhone killer that many Droid fans have been waiting for. Let’s compare the Galaxy S4 to the iPhone 5 and see who comes out on top.

The best place to start is, of course, with the screen. The Galaxy S4 weighs in with a massive 5-inch screen which is a step up from the Galaxy S3. The iPhone 5 has a relatively small 4-inch screen. But it’s not all about size. The Galaxy S4 screen offers 441pixels per inch (ppi) compared to the iPhone5’s 326ppi. This means that the images are clearer and crisper on the Galaxy. For many people that is enough reason for them to become Android mobile device users.

But let’s take a look under the hood and see which phone has the edge in speed and power. The Galaxy has a quad core 1.9GHz processor compared to the iPhone’s 1GHz processor. This means that the Galaxy S4 is nearly twice as fast as the iPhone 5 which is no small feat. Both come in 16, 32 and 64GB versions but only the Galaxy has a micro SD slot for memory expansion. The Galaxy S4 also has an amazing 13MP rear facing camera while the iPhone 5 has an 8MP camera. The iPhone 5 just seems like a larger iPhone 4 with not a lot of major improvements.

The Android software loaded onto the Samsung device is some of the most advanced to date. One of the features that is getting the most attention is something called Air Gestures. This allows you to wave your hand above the screen and swipe your phone without ever touching it. The S4 will also recognize your eye movements so you can scroll down a web page just by moving your eyes. This mobile Android device seems like it came straight out of the future. It kind of makes you wonder, what is Android going to do to top this?

The apps for Android and the iPhone are pretty similar nowadays. Apple used to have an advantage but now most of the major apps are released for Android and iOS on the same day.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone is a game changer. With all the technology packed into its case it just might be a world changer.


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