Samsung Profits Driven By Mobile And Tech

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Samsung Phone GuidesSamsung Galaxy II and the Tab 2 seem to have made a difference in overall profits for the Samsung.
Who would of thought Android Phones could help in the Net profit that came to 5.05 trillion and ($4.46 billion) for the fiscal quarter ending March 31,2012.
In a recent press release the company said Mobile and IT have been key to it's success.
After narrowly beating Apple last year, Samsung's smartphone sales exceeded Apple's by a large margin in the first quarter. Strategy Analytic s said Samsung became the world's top smartphone maker, selling 44.5 million handsets in the January-March period, followed by Apple's 35.1 million.
"Samsung’s strong performance in the quarter was driven mainly by the IT & Mobile Communications (IM) segment, which is comprised of four businesses, Mobile Communications, Telecommunication Systems, IT Solutions and Digital Imaging. In particular, solid growth in the Mobile Communications business, with brisk sales of flagship GALAXY Note and GALAXY S II devices contributed to the company’s profitability."

Source: Green Bay Press Gazzett


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