Samsung Upping Game In Wearable Technology With Glasses

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Google Glass ReviewBloomberg TV recently broadcast a story about Samsung taking wearable technology to eye glasses. The company registered a design in South Korea for eyeglasses that can show information from a smartphone and enable users to take calls.
All technology companies file patient applications for future products and Samsung is no different. Wearable technology R&D has been happening for decades, but being able to utilize the internet will push the envelope.
Google Glasses has been in development for a few years and is expected in the consumer market place with in a year. Right now Google is Dog fooding the eyeglasses with Glass Explorer. This is when the company uses employee's and beta testers to use a product and provide feedback.
With Samsung joining the wearable technology push when launching Galaxy Gear Smartwatch we should expect some very cool products in 2014.

Read The Full Story on Bloomberg


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