Sold Out Again, Droid Incredible Shipping Date Moved Up to May 14

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This is Incredible how popular the Droid by HTC Incredible is. Not even 48 hours after the phone was made available its sold out again on Verizon Wireless.
Lots of people are asking whats going on here? Is Verizon trying to pump up the marketing hype? Did HTC send more phones to sites like WireFly?
All the above plus the fact that Verizon dropped the Nexus One and all those cell phone users who where waiting for the N! have now decided to get a Droid Incredible.
Obviously this will drive the price of the Best New Smartphone up. We have been watching eBay , Amazon and other website to see what happens. Check out HTC Incredible Price On eBay After Droid Phone Sells Out to see for yourselves.


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