Stop and Shop Pea Pod Food Delivery Coming To A Commuter Station Near You

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Stop And Shop Pea Pod serviceStarting this week, will be placing 15 digital shopping displays at various Commuter Rail station platforms, allowing riders to pick out the products they need most and have them delivered to their doorstep without ever stepping inside a supermarket. Since many commuter rail passengers are people who use it everyday for work, this might work out well for them. The “virtual grocery stores” will allow shoppers to use an app on their phones to scan which products they want to buy, and within a day it will be shipped to their house. “Commuters with iPhones, iPads or Android phones simply scan a QR code on the billboards to download a free PeapodMobile app and start shopping on the spot by scanning bar codes of the products displayed in the ‘aisles’,” according to a press release from The idea for the digital shopping experience while waiting for a daily train came from South Korea, where it is currently used by riders commuting on the subway. This is really innovative and convenient and think its worth trying if you live in the areas it's available in. Source
Peapod Online Grocery Shopping and Delivery


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