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Secrets out and your one of the first to find the new shopping portal. Welcome to the Droid Cell Phone Store [beta]. We have been reviewing our site and looking for whys to help our visitor since our launch in October of 2009. This has been a long hard process as we have until recently determined our path. We participate in many aspects of the Android community and this website was not a priority when we started to be honest. The site came from a inner need to dump information some place. Unfortunately in haste we threw this site together with no real direction and that has lead to a mashup of how to posts, Android Phone announcements, Breaking Phone Industry News, Google News and the list go's on.
We have been working hard to bring our users tools they can use to help in selecting New Phones and Accessories. Droid Cell Phone is in the process of re organizing and finding itself. Part of this re building process is testing our new Store For Android Devices. The Store will be in a beta period where we will have offers from what we believe are trusted and authoritative partners.

Since we have a plethora of information on all things Android we have found as many Android Phones as we can and created some main and sub categories for your review.

To get started please click on all Android Cell Phones