Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

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Its not very often that websites like CNet picking a best ever Cell Phone Accessory. The Jaw Bone Headset is truly unique as it uses the newest noise reduction technology. The Jawbone is a Verizon Droid Compatible Bluetooth Headset. It can be purchased from Verizon Wireless Direct or from the link we will provide below.

Part Of Cnets Review "We see so many Bluetooth headsets here at CNET that most of them seem the same after awhile. That's why we sit up and notice when a unique one comes along. Last year, for example, we were awed at the stellar audio quality of the Plantronics Discovery 975 and praised the design of the Aliph Jawbone Prime. Aliph, in particular, has been bullish in pushing innovation in its Bluetooth headsets, consistently making it on our top Bluetooth headsets list year after year.

This year, however, it appears that Aliph has outdone itself with quite possibly the most innovative Bluetooth headset yet. It's called the Aliph Jawbone Icon and not only does it come in an array of designs that look as if they belong in an art museum, but it is one of the first headsets in the world to have a built-in "operating system." This internal chip can be programmed to provide a far richer experience than other headsets can; for example, this lets it have a visual battery meter right next to the one on the iPhone. Also, this is the first headset we can think of to have its own line of Audio or Dial "apps" that you can install via Jawbone's own MyTalk Web site."

The Jawbone Thinker For The Motorola Droid has 6 AudioApps, each with a unique voice and personality. Choose from The HERO, The BOMBSHELL, The CATCH, The ROGUE, The THINKER, or The ACE. If you prefer a different language, MyTALK also offers 3 localized versions: Spanish, French, and German.

MyTALK DialApps let you customize an easy access button that links your Jawbone ICON directly to 411, voice-to-SMS and voice dial services. Some apps even let you use voice to listen and post to Facebook / Twitter.

With MyTalk, you can effortlessly make Jawbone ICON work the way you want it to. Turn on/off the voice tones that whisper your remaining battery life and caller ID, change the friendly name of your Jawbone, or remove phones previously paired with your Jawbone ICON.

Once you select and sync a DialApp, all you have to do is press your Jawbone ICON’s TALK Button for 2 seconds to activate. DialApps save you time and give you true hands free freedom, leave the phone in your pocket and make your calls with the touch of a button.

The Thinker features military-grade NoiseAssassin 2.5, for crystal-clear communication. NoiseAssassin 2.5 delivers best in class noise cancellation, wind suppression and call quality. Easily connect and disconnect with dedicated on/off switch. Spoken updates keep you connected, delivering in-ear caller ID, battery status and more. Offers the most ergonomic options of any headset.

All in all this is a great Droid accessory for those who are on the phone a lot. Its the lightest, coolest looking and has the most advance technology of any compatible headsets. Its the best of the best.

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